Bar at the End of Time

Vampire Smashing
What happens when the other side rolls an 18?

The PCs encountered and defeated a team of enemy vampires, in a way that could only be described as a turkey shoot.

The Enemy Forces

There were a total of 24 enemies. They were comprised of:

  • 12 Vampire Skirmishers armed with FN-P90s.
  • 8 Vampire Riflemen armed with FN MOD 1 Rifles.
  • 4 Vampire Heavies armed with FN MINIMIs.

The Heroes

  • Dizzy.
  • Aqua
  • Absail
  • Niya
  • Fiona
  • Anna

The Battle Plan

It was expected that the battle would be an extended fight against the vampires, trying to deny them and keep them from being able to fight effectively. Dizzy remembered they were afraid of fire in more than one sense, so the plan was to combine efforts and destroy the vampires piecemeal, using fire to channel them into the kill-zones. Aqua was the main architect of the plan, but Anna and Dizzy assisted in the planning. In the end, they came up with a respectable plan.

Plans never survive contact with the enemy. Poor vampires…

When the heroes arrived on the scene, the action had already begun. The vampires got way, way overconfident, and were pressing the attack….with all their elements. Rather than being spread out, they were concentrated. That made an attack possible that should not be possible. Aqua caught all but two vampires in a gravity attack, and then Absail lit them up with a fire attack. And then Dizzy blew up the vampires with a pound of FAE, All but 2 died in that massive attack. The remaining 2 were burned to a crisp by Dizzy, and winged by Anna, leaving only one to escape and presumably report back.


One escaped. All others were killed.


  • 1 FN-P90 in perfect condition.
  • 2 FN-P90s in damaged condition.
  • 4 FN-MOD1s in damaged condition.
  • 1 FN-MINIMIs in damaged condition.


  • 30 5.7×28mm APDSDN ammo (consumed in the fireball.)
  • 240 5.56×45mm APDSDN ammo (Most consumed in the fireball).
Shopping Trip!!!


PCs went and experienced a city on Rifts Earth. And the experience led, as it’s typical to on Rifts Earth, to a massive weapon store, filled with giant robots, airplanes, missiles, handguns, and a variety of other gear!



She got a Wilks 320 Laser Pistol. This old classic is a beautiful firearm, well balanced and incredibly accurate. The specs are as given:

TL10, Wilks 320, Damage 3d-1 bu (2), Acc 6, Range 240/720, Weight 1.5/1B, RoF: 10, Shots 80, MinST: 4, Bulk -2, Recoil 1, Cost 7250, LC3.


Niya has procured a Wilks 210 ’Pocket Laser". This is a tiny handheld beam weapon that is rechargeable. It can burn its entire power charge in a single second, but a flip of a switch turns it into a 10 shot weapon. Here are its specs:

TL10, Wilks 210, Damage 2d (2) bu, Acc 6, Range 37/111, Weight 0.5/A, RoF: 10, Shots 10, MinST 2, Bulk -1, Recoil 1, Cost 495, LC 3.


Absail picked up a missile launcher. Actually, 4 missile launchers in a backpack. Nasty surprise for anyone that gets in her way, as each 150mm missile would do extensive damage to anything hit by it.

TL10, WI-40M 150mm TLS, Acc 3, Range 3000,15000, Weight 70/50, RoF: 1, Shots 1(20), ST B, Bulk -8, Recoil 1, Cost 19,200+800, LC1
Her actual loadout:

  • APHC: 6d*50 (2) pi++, Cost 20800 × 2
  • HEMP: 6d*15 (10) cr inc + linked 8d*3 cr ex [7d] Cost 20800 × 2
Finding Eva (part 1)
Rescuing Braddocks Bad Boys

It is decided! Against the better judgment of the ex-time cop, everyone is gearing up for a trip….into time!!!

The first issue to address is the death of Colonel Braddock and the disillusion of his Merc outfit, the Bad Boys. Dizzy has opted for a bit of an advanced insertion so your team can drop in to save the day.

The Bar at the End of Time
Where are We Up To Now

The Beginning

Heroes from across time and space have begun to find their way to this world, a 1960s era bar on the ends of time and space. Initially, they have no idea why they end here. But as they begin settling in, they realize, it’s for several purposes. To find love. To start families. To connect with other people across time and space. And eventually, to make a difference.


The Heroes first challenge was found in a universe where Earth was invaded by alien occupiers from another world. The Heroes joined forces to evict the interlopers, and destroyed them in single combat, using their powerful psychic abilities. Two of them are still left, in the Infinite Worlds…

The First Strike

One of their number decided to return to her home universe. No longer willing to adventure, she wanted to settle down once and for all. This was the perfect opportunity for forces aligned against her to strike. An obvious alteration in the flow of time, Eva Sebhest, new aspect of Isis the Egyptian Goddess, was struck from the flow of history, to be replaced with, perhaps, what might have been had she never met her lover. The result has fundamentally changed both people. In Eva’s place is Isis, weakened from her ordeal at Set’s hands, but once again among her fellow gods and goddesses. Is this the new normal? Time will tell.

The Discovery of what Eli became

Eli is gone. In Eli’s place is the broken down shell of a man known only by his designation, Alpha One. Alpha One’s psyche has been damaged multiple ways. First was the destruction of his homeworld. Second was the death of his family. For his entire adult life, his only goal was to take as many of the bastards that did this to him and his family with him, until eventually, he would pass on to the Great Path, once again to be reunited with his family, and his sister in particular. But this was not meant to be. He was not ready for that journey, according to powerful guardians of order who identify to humans as ‘Vishnans’, the Protectors, in opposition to the Shivans, who are the Destroyers. He was told that his fate had not yet been settled, and now, he would join other heroes at the End of Time, perhaps to be set right. Will Alpha One have the peace Eli once had? Or is his fate to be different?

The Finding of Jaime Moser

Alpha One learned that his sister had not rejoined the Universe as he thought she had. Instead, she has been reincarnated as the Starfleet Admiral Jaime Moser. Her life has been far kinder to her — foster parents that raised her as their own, a loving household, friends so close they might as well be family as well, and a place to be and a role to fill. Jaime lives the Star Trek life, and while she appreciates that she now has a brother, it still worries her that he appeared on her bridge, without any announcement.

A new campaign begins.
Starting the game

Welcome to the beginning of the campaign…


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