Bar at the End of Time

SideStory: Eudoxia's Attitude Adjustment

Manu sat in his room, quietly meditating on AI code. Code that scrolled past his minds eye, software of consciousness itself. His mind was troubled from a recent interaction with Ringo’s new ‘servant’, a child who dared threaten him seemingly just because he was male and therefore, in her mind, only able to do one thing — demand sex. Having made it clear that she just eliminated any chance that would ever happen, he had excused himself and headed to his room to distract himself with code. Progressive House kept one of his threads of consciousness busy, while his other two focused on different areas in the source code for his latest AI project.

The doorbell rang. Manu opened his eyes, and dismissed one of the IDEs. He reached out his consciousness, hoping to find someone more amiable. Katrina, Ringo, Himiko, or even Anna’s direct or Wikks robotic personality would be welcome right now. But alas, that was not meant to be. Instead, he reached out, and felt the mind he least wanted to speak to right now. Ringo’s friend Eudoxia. With a sigh, and not wanting to be antisocial, he dismissed both threads, and turned off the Trans music. “Come in!”, he said in his Kiwi-Accented soft melodic voice. ‘Maybe she is here to apologize, at Ringo’s insistence, I suspect.’

The door opened to admit the young, lithe form of the alien Amazon. Manu coolly replied, “What can I do for you?”

Eudoxia looked at Manu with a look that could only be described as barely disguised disgust. “I have been told I may have been a little too harsh. We Amazons are not gentle with men, and sometimes I forget about your fragile egos. I apologize if I gave offense. None was intended.”

For a half second, Manu just blinked. And then he steepled his fingers. “Are you being straight up?” At Eudoxia’s quizzical look at the Kiwi slang, Manu turns a cold, steely glare at her. “Child, you have no idea who, or even what, I am. You have nothing to worry about from me. I would not touch you sexually if you asked me to. You are not my type. As for my ‘fragile ego’, know this. My species was walking the stars when yours was trying to figure out flame. We touched your world when the dinosaurs still reigned supreme over it.” He stood up, his wing-claws tightly clenched. “Per venas fluut sanguis Anqueetas. Atlantus an’ hic qua videum!” Eudoxia staggered back under the alien words. The alien words were simple in meaning, but carried much subtextual meaning. The Tongues spell that let her understand them slammed much information into her mind. “The blood of the Ancient Ones runs through my veins,” in the sense that he is an Ancient One himself, a race so old that the very name for it has taken the meaning ‘Ancient One’. “Atlantis is the place of our legacy.” Atlantis. Meaning he is an Atlantean. She stared at the diminutive angeloid, her mind struggling to absorb the weight of his words. Horrified realization dawned on her. He was Atlantean. She had just offended an Atlantean. Her eyes fell to the necklace he wore, a small simple chain holding a single jewel, in the form of a six-pointed snowflake. It dawned on her. He wasn’t speaking of the Atlantis that they were on, the home of the True Atlanteans. Instead, a city. In the form of a six-pointed snowflake.

He walked right up to her. “Now get out of my room.”

Still stunned and now horrified that she insulted an Atlantean, she almost fell over herself to get out of Manu’s room. A sick feeling settled in to her stomach. She barely heard the sound of the door slamming behind her.

The Shadow Falls

The Results

Wicks was the only one who went yellow during the entire fight, with both Soll and Thuarg being killed (but resurrected).

The battle took 16 seconds to conclude. Highlights include:

1) Katrina turning into a squirrel and then sticking to Anana’s face.

2) Dizzy dropping a huge rock on Col. Grey.

3) W5IKK accidentally killing Thuarg with her attempt to stuff a gun in his mouth.

4) Dizzy’s general sexy show.

5) W5IKK sawing Soll-Thull in half with railgun fire after being mind-controlled.

20171022 - Neki's Individual Involvement.

Dizzy wants to set up a cult to herself to test the theory that she’s now a divine being. To do so, she will use the skills she has.

The Club Search
Sometimes things just don't work out right...

Chat Log

Chat log started at 21.10.2017 / 14:06:38

GURPS 4E core ruleset v3.1.0 for Fantasy Grounds.
Produced with the permission of Steve Jackson Games.
This work is based on GURPS 4E System and is the accumulated effort of several members of the Fantasy Grounds community. This release was authored by Brian Ronnle, building on previous releases by Eric Hilerio and Graham Brand.
GURPS is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and its rules and art are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by Steve Jackson Games. This game aid is the original creation of the Fantasy Grounds GURPS community and is released for free distribution and not for resale under the permissions granted in the Steve Jackson Games Online Policy
CoreRPG ruleset v3.3.3 for Fantasy Grounds Copyright 2015 Smiteworks USA, LLC
GURPS Core Theme v0.3
‘Balasteer’ connected
‘Dizzy’ connected
‘nux’ connected
Host (3.3.3) is running different version than client (3.3.2).
GM: Nux, you need to update your client.
‘nux’ disconnected
‘nux’ connected
Host (3.3.3) is running different version than client (3.3.2).
‘DenverCatgirl’ connected
‘nux’ disconnected
GM: Got a few things I want to cover here in Fantasy Grounds today.
Niya: kk
‘nux’ connected
Kael (GM): Looks like that fixed whatever was going on, Nux.
Kael (GM): Waiting on Dizzy.
GM: OK. Everyone can see the combat map from the last encounter, right?
Balasteer (Absail): yes
GM: Go ahead and measure you some distance (left+right drag from one hex to another).
GM: Notice the modifier in the parenthesis next to your range. You can see the 7 on mine. This is a feature we’ve been waiting for for a while. Those are range modifiers.
nux (Anna): coolio
Absail: cool.
Kael (GM): Now, click on Absail’s token (upper-left part of the map).
Dizzy: ((See))
GM: Dizzy, do you see the map? My system indicates you aren’t on the mpa.
GM: Well, someone moved Dizzy….
Dizzy: Dizzy moved Dizzy
GM: OK. Weird. I do not see you on the list of people viewing the map. Something’s still a bit broken. But anyway. So, overall, if you click Absail’s token, you’ll notice an arrow between Absail and Dizzy, with 32 yd (-8). Targets will give range mods. No more looking up range modifiers in tables any more!!!
GM: Click on your token, and then click on the Target icon. For the fun of it, target the APC.
Dizzy: distance thing only works with Absail
Dizzy: it does not show up if I click the APC
Dizzy: it just highlights it
Absail: io had to hold down Ctrl for it to work
GM: Absail has Dizzy as a target. That’s why it works. So click on your icon, and then click the target icon (greyed out, over the map), and draw a box around what you want to target…or hit control as you click.
‘DenverCatgirl’ connection lost. Waiting for reconnect
Dizzy: That works
‘DenverCatgirl’ reconnected
GM: Anna and Niya, you want to target the APC?
nux (Anna): why?
GM: Eh, just to show you how it works. If you find no value in it, that’s OK. :P
nux (Anna): Right. Already done that. But thanks ;)
GM: (But dont’ complain when you can’t use that feature during the game. ;) )
nux (Anna): Bang bang bang bang bnag!
GM: OK. Those are the biggest updates that this version brings. We’ve got some future updates incoming.
GM: Ronnke plans on updating combat first with automation features. He’s specifically called out rangemods, but I suspect that if he puts in range modifiers, he will also work in things like All Out Attacks, movement, and other things as well. If SJGames goes far enough, he might automate combat really heavily. That should help our combat situation handily. Given that fighting takes up a long time, this is only good for us.
nux (Anna): Unless they demand payment for the ruleset :o
Absail: cool
Absail: will be nice to see how it all works. hope it DOES work out well.
GM: That’s true. But maybe we need to be shelling out a bit more for books and stuff anyway. Steve Jackson is hoping to look at FG’s platform for future GURPS support. Sure, buying e-books with cash can suck, but hey. We used to buy paper books with cash before the hobby went online. I’m sure that each of us who has a library of print books can look at that and think how much money we spent into it. :3
GM: And yes. That is a concern I have. Ronnke just had the cuffs taken off, though, so I look forward to see what he can do.
Dizzy: Yea. I still got a lot of dead tree Rifts books XD
GM: OK. This week was supposed to be a big combat, a continuation of what happened before. Dragon played a bit too cautiously, and he’s now licking his wounds, so we’re suddenly looking at some empty time here. You have about two weeks left before you are supposed to rescue the last group (Larson’s Brigade) and then start heading to England by way of Atlantis. You’re in Lazlo, and two of your three rescued groups have made it to the city. You’re still waiting for Robot Control to make it up here. Larson’s Brigade can probably make a short drive when you rescue them to get into Lazlo.
nux (Anna): So, we going to kill time in Lazlo or start on next event?
GM: That’s up to you.
Niya: I don’t mind. Though, I thought that Anna and I were busy exploring Lazlo…especially with the dwarf thingy.
nux (Anna): Still have that “fighting pits” to try :D
Dizzy: Proally best to use downtown
Dizzy: Downtime
Dizzy: Dizzy has her project to see to
GM: That gives me time to plan as well.
Absail: Downtime is best used for projects. yes. who is next target and what is the situation with them?
GM: OK. Dizzy will be working on her new base of operations. Absail trying to get intel on the next group? Anna trying to get into an ass-kicking contest? What is Niya up to?
GM: Aqua, meanwhile, has found evidence that leads her on a goose-chase trying to locate Utu.
Niya: She’s with Anna, exploring Lazlo and also thinking ideas on the creation of her vessel for the Pioneer Cityship.
nux (Anna): So, exiting the History building.
Niya: “So, what next? Should we locate those fight pits as they are called?”
Niya: (that was to Anna, btw :)))
Anna: “Well, we don’t really know what they are. But lets have a look. If nothing else the establishment might be more interesting.”
Niya: “Agreed.. Besides, we should finish exploring this PATH thingy.”
Anna: “Lets head back into PATH.”
Niya: will be going along
nux (Anna): gets back to the main reception desk.
Anna gets back to the main reception desk.
Kael (GM): Slow interaction caused by multiple groups working independently to each other.
Anna: “Excuse me. Do you have any map of the PATH? Preferably digital.”
GM: OK, refreshed myself on last week’s story.
Kael (GM): [TOWER] [3d6 = 10]
nux (Anna): We could try and gather up a bit.
GM: “Borg of some kind? There’s an interfact erminal where you can download the PATH’s electronic maps right there.” He points to a data terminal across the way.
Niya: “That is a good thing. But maybe we should find the others after we get or you get the map.”
Anna: “Thank you.”
Anna heads over to the terminal and tries to connect to it.
nux (Anna): (Probably wont be ale to due to different standards….
GM: There’s a Universal Headjack port….which of course you can’t do with your own world’s headjack.
nux (Anna): Blue tooth? :D
GM: It’s more related to USB than any wireless protocol. The device is not broadcasting any EM at all, beyond leakage EM which is pretty well shielded, all told. It’s not meant to interface with wirelessly.
Anna will go over the map on screen and make a digital copy by cutting together eacg screen.
Niya: will also gtake a look at the map and commits it to memory.
Anna: [TOWER] [SKILL] Computer Operation/TL10 (18):[ Success! ] by 10 [3d6 = 8]
GM: You’ll need to do some extra cleanup work on that, Anna, but you have a very workable digital map from your efforts.
nux (Anna): Any notes on the Skids? Or districts where it might be?
GM: The Skids. AKA Skid Row. A low-income, low-hope district of Lazlo that hasn’t really gotten up to the rest of Lazlo’s hope. Place full of City Rats, Vagabonds, and other low-skilled “occupations”. You could probably run roughshod over that entire district, given that even city-rat cybers are childs-play compared to your cyber, but…it’s still a part of Lazlo and you can’t help but wonder how quick the response times to a major disruption would be. Given the last time someone summoned a demon there and the response time, well…why are you interested in the Skids again?
nux (Anna): A Bhaz said that it was at the Skids they were recruiting for “friendly scraping”.
nux (Anna): But, after that description, it doesn’t look like the right place to look at. Unless you want to find less legal establishments.
nux (Anna): If nothing else, there might be a robbery try :D
Niya: “Maybe, we should tackle that when we have a few others? I say we try someplace that would not appear shady, but is…yet still legal…”
Anna: “So, we head for the party district then.”
Niya: “Yes. And maybe find those friendly fight things.”
GM: Oh! Yeah, the Skids are some of the places you can find underground fights. ‘Friendly scrapping’ (scraping threw me, thought you meant ‘scraping’) isn’t what I think of when I think of underground fights, though. :3
GM: But of course, Bhaz has different opinions.
nux (Anna): Bah. Not native :p
GM: (Focus shift. Got 2 other PC groups to get caught up.)
nux (Anna): Its a bit annoying. In swedish you put two consonants to make a short vowle, but opposite in english…
Anna (ICom): “Dizzy and Absail. You there? Me an Niya was going to see if we can find any entertainment. You want to join in?”
Absail: Little Sister’s voice comes over the coms, “Is there an age limit? I’m getting bored.”
Anna (ICom): “Well. Not in my oppinion. But it might depend on the establishment we go to. But we could probably tell them you aren’t a child, just small.”
Absail: LS, “Good! I’ll be there in a jiff~”
nux (Anna): gives info on where to meet up.
Anna gives info on where to meet up.
Absail: “If anyone questions my age I’ll just school them with a dose of my aura. or medical terminology… whichever works.” the little girl laughs.
Anna (test test test): test
nux (Anna): To do what I did with (ICom) write /mood singleWord YOUR TEXT or /mood (multi words) YOUR TEXT
Absail (LS): test
Absail (LS): “I pitty the fool who takes me for some little girl! …hmhm… I think it’s cute when someone tries to take advantage of me~”
Dizzy: “Entertainment?”
Dizzy: “What you got in mind?”
SLASH COMMANDS [required] <optional>
/die [NdN+N] <message>
/emote [message]
/exportchar [name]
/gmid [name]
/identity [name]
/lighting [RGB hex value]
/mod [N] <message>
/mood [mood] <message>
/mood ([multiword mood]) <message>
/ooc [message]
/password <optional>
/reply [message]
/rollon [table name] <-c> <-d> <-hide>
/scaleui [50-200]
/story [message]
/vote <message>
/whisper [character] [message]
Illlia Lucretius Luumis echos Dizzy almost eerily. :3
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: “I am curious to this as well.”
Anna (ICom): “Well. That depends on what people are up for. I was hopping for some ‘friendly scrapping’, but a nice club, or orgy den, would work too.”
Dizzy: “I wouldn’t recommend mixing Scrapping with Orgy”
Dizzy: “I’ve done it but….it never quite works”
Dizzy: glances at LS
Dizzy: “I dunno what’d be more fun, seeing the tiny you go up against a murder tank like Anna or trying to get you into an AO club and watching the bouncers react to your aura”
Anna (ICom): “Yeah. Some would call that consensual rape, but…”
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: (Dizzy, your’e talking on radio)
Dizzy: ((okay))
Absail (LS): snirks “That.. freakin priceless.”
Anna will start looking for some entertainment disctrict areas and then ask around to see if she can find any of the three mentioned.
Dizzy: "I’ll let you pick then
where should we meet?"
Niya: is following Anna.
Absail (LS): “I don’t give a damn right now. Doc is doccin, M.B. is researching stuff. I need to supply the entertainment for us all.” she giggles.
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: Lazlo has a small red-light district. Downtown Lazlo on the water front is more club and bar friendly. You’re really in the wrong town if you want underground tournaments, though. You can find them, but Lazlo frowns upon them.
Anna (ICom): “Lets meet up at the edge of the red light then. And we’ll see where it goes from there.”
nux (Anna): LS?
Balasteer (Absail (LS)): Little Sister.
nux (Anna): Oh right. I guess that is one way to use it :D
Dizzy: ((Minor note on Lazlo Law in established cannon: performance-enhancing drugs are perscription-only (Cyber docs have to perscribe the juicers their fix), gambling is legal but only in government-authorized parlors and casinos and prositution is also legal but only in the authorized red light district))
Dizzy: Dizzy would pop in there really quick, wearing her “club” outfit
Illlia Lucretius Luumis shrugs, goes back to what she was doing.
Niya: “Illia, you should come. Besides, I am going to need a drinking and speaking buddy.”
GM: OK. Dizzy suddenly poofs in wearing a skimpy outfit. Absail’s sending Little Sister…
Niya talking into a radio around Anna
nux (Anna): Speak into Annas ear and she sends it for you :D
Niya (Radio): Hello
Anna is still in her office outfit and her huge army case.
Anna: “Hm, I should probably drop of this case somewhere. Absail, can I leave it with your main?”
Niya (speaking): into Anna’s ear : “Illia, you should come. I need a speaking and drinking buddy.”
Absail (LS): the little sister gets there quickly. looking as innocent as she can~ wearing what is typical for her. Looking around and her little ahoge hair bit ‘looking’ around as well. it’s nothing special but funny to watch.
Absail (LS): “Sure… giveme~” the little girl would take the item, walk to a wall.. create a large mirror and shove it through. then remove the mirror.
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: (Anna relays Niya’s request?)
nux (Anna): Yes.
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: “Give me a moment. I will be there shortly.”
Anna: “Thank you.” to LS.
Niya: “Now…we wait…unless they are coming right here at this moment…”
Anna then changes into her pink qipao.
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: (You’re using shape-shifting magic for that, right?)
Anna: “Okay. I think I am ready to find some trouble.”
nux (Anna): Yes
Niya: “Well, I think we are.”
Absail (LS): “Find trouble? pfft. implying we aren’t already.” the little girl laughs out loud.
Niya: “That is true as well.”
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: OK. Illia appears in a flash of light, and an odd chiming sound (Asgard beaming device).
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: “Hmm?”
Niya: “Anna mentions that we are ready to find trouble.”
Anna: “Well. We are trouble. So I guess the right think to say would be ‘Lets find someone to trouble.’.”
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: “Oh. I see. Why would you want to do such a thing? I would rather find someone in trouble and bring them peace, and find those who seek to bring trouble to others and … educate them as to why they shouldn’t.”
Absail (LS) Looks up at Illia and grins.
Niya: “Trouble as in the good kind, I thinkk.”
Anna: “Duh. But I guess that depends on who you ask. If you ask a religius puritan. Then we are the worse kind of trouble.”
SLASH COMMANDS [required] <optional>
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/identity [name]
/lighting [RGB hex value]
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/mood [mood] <message>
/mood ([multiword mood]) <message>
/ooc [message]
/password <optional>
/reply [message]
/rollon [table name] <-c> <-d> <-hide>
/scaleui [50-200]
/story [message]
/vote <message>
/whisper [character] [message]
Illlia Lucretius Luumis raises her eyebrow at little Absail. “That would work far better if I couldn’t sense your mind.”
Anna: “But less talk, more action.” she says and starts walking down the street looking for a club that is both party and “fun”.
Niya: is flittering around with the group
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/mood [mood] <message>
/mood ([multiword mood]) <message>
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/reply [message]
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/scaleui [50-200]
/story [message]
/vote <message>
/whisper [character] [message]
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/reply [message]
/rollon [table name] <-c> <-d> <-hide>
/scaleui [50-200]
/story [message]
/vote <message>
/whisper [character] [message]
Dizzy: is also heading around, hopefully knowing what to look for
Illlia Lucretius Luumis looks at Niya. “You requested my presence here?”
Absail (LS): “Why you say that!? I’m totally innocent~” she giggles.
Dizzy: [SKILL] Carousing (24):[ Success! ] by 13 [3d6 = 11]
Niya (to): Illia “Of course. Besides, I want to try seeing if we could win a drinking game. After all, we could drink some people under the table and make some more additional money…we may need some later.”
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: The Red-Light district is a small to medium area. Prostitution is legalized, though only in this area. There are numerous pictures of half-nude women on the doors and suggestive neon line-art.
nux (Anna): Need to put ( ) around the mood setting if you use multiple words
Niya: (Oh…oops)
Niya: (/mood testing)
Niya: (just pay it no mind….)
Kael (GM): /mood (multi-word mood) Your message here
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: That yields:
Balasteer (Absail (LS)): (aawww Niya didn’t say that? X3
nux (Anna): But only Prostitution? No clubs like that “church” club we where to long ago?
Illlia Lucretius Luumis (multi-word mood): Your message here.
Niya (test is here): “Test test.”
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: Nux, there are nightclubs and on-premisis sex clubs here. But the Church was on a different word. :)
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: world even
nux (Anna): I know. ;( But one could wish :D
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: OK. Dizzy has a Success by 13 to locate a club. What are you looking for, and does Dizzy take input from anyone else?
Absail (LS): Overhears Niya speaking to Illia “OH! That’s awesome! Mwa ha ha ha!” the little girl hops up and down, her white dress bouncing as well, threatening to show what she’s wearing underneath~ one can already see the black band just under on her left thigh.
nux (Anna): Dizzy knows best how to party, so Anna will just follow. :D
Niya (“Of course. I just want to try. I think we both can do it.”): little grin “Might as well have a small bit of fun…”
Dizzy: Dizzy grins and watches, and yes, Dizzy asks for imput
Anna: “Hey Lil-sis. Want to ride on my shoulders, just to annoy people even more?”
Dizzy: “So what are we thinking, a regular nightclub, a club slash stripbar, or a sex club, or something even more kinky like an S/M dungeon?”
Niya (“Of course. I just want to try. I think we both can do it.”): “Any will do for me. I am a sight-seer as well..”
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: Test
Illlia Lucretius Luumis (test): Test
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: Test
Niya: jjjj
Absail (LS): “I’m interested in the club stripbar. that way it isn’t immediately expected to go and fuck or something.” the little girl smirks, looking up at Dizzy.
Anna: “I think any of the last three would work for me. We could start with the 2nd alternative to warm up.” she says with a smirk.
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: Illia blinks. “Win a drinking game? You are positively tiny. And my stomach isn’t much bigger than your own because I don’t eat.”
Niya: “Size is not always a disadvantage. Besides, it is for fun…and I figured as such. But do you still like to taste things?”
Absail (LS): “Nah, I’m okay with walking next to all you wonderful tall people, Anna~” she grins up at ANna. “that way I can see under short dresses and up at hot guys better.”
Anna shrugs.
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: “To drink someone under the table, you need to be able to drink a lot.”
Niya: tiny laugh
SLASH COMMANDS [required] <optional>
/die [NdN+N] <message>
/emote [message]
/exportchar [name]
/gmid [name]
/identity [name]
/lighting [RGB hex value]
/mod [N] <message>
/mood [mood] <message>
/mood ([multiword mood]) <message>
/ooc [message]
/password <optional>
/reply [message]
/rollon [table name] <-c> <-d> <-hide>
/scaleui [50-200]
/story [message]
/vote <message>
/whisper [character] [message]
Illlia Lucretius Luumis smiles.
Dizzy: grins and looks for a stripclub GM
Anna: “I guess that can be fun too.”
Absail (LS): “I can drink a person over the table, under the table then I can drink the table itself!”
Niya: "I can manage… looks at Absail “…Oh yeah. We should do good.”
Illlia Lucretius Luumis: There’s one, and there’s another, and a few others. There’s even a nice hedge - a nightclub/strip club hybrid.
Dizzy: heads ’em to that one
Anna follows.
Niya: is quite curious and follows
Absail (LS): Follows with a bounce to her step, dancing to a song in her head, if nothing else~
Illlia Lucretius Luumis “…hmm. I think I will pass. Enjoy your evening.” Illia closes her eyes, and then disappears in a flash of light.
nux (Anna): Now lets see what the bouncer say…
Niya: “Ah…well…”
Anna: “Wow. Really?”
Absail (LS): “aawww! Illia why you leave!? pfft…” LS pouts, shakes her head. and hops on~
GM: Oh yes. Let’s see what the bouncer says. The people arriving are a Faerie, an apparent juvenile, a stripper, and the most normal looking member of the group, who no one knows is a cyborg.
GM: (Waiting to go in, or just go in without Illia?)
Absail (LS) (well.. she doesn’t appear to care too much about us. ;
; )
Niya: (anyway, let’s just head on in)
GM: (Hmm….)
nux (Anna): Alt+enter for OOC
Balasteer (Absail (LS)): based on her body language and voice tones… was there any particular reason she would have left?
Balasteer (Absail (LS)): (I knnoooww but it was emote-related too~ )
Absail: [SKILL] Physiology/TL10 (Human) (14):[ Success! ] by 4 [3d6 = 10]
nux (Anna): Sowy ;0
Whisper recipient not found.
Usage: /w GM [message]
Usage: /w [recipient] [message]
> Absail (LS): Disinterest and frustration at the group. Lingering anger over the interaction with Absail earlier. And…she’s working on something else.
Absail (LS): The little girl shrugs. “She seemed to have other things on her mind, anyway. Take pictures for her!” she winks to Anna. “I figure you might be able to do that, huh?”
Anna: “I doubt they have anti-recodring fields in here.”
Dizzy: “I the only one curious what was up with Illa?”
Dizzy: “I could go and see what’s up?”
Niya: “…”
Absail (LS): the little girl clears her throat. “Dizzy, it’s okay. I have an idea what is going on with her and… well. she seemed to have better things to do.” mumbles off to the side ‘and she’s still sour about that one thing. bitch really keep hold of things… jeeze.’
Niya: “Well, some things are hard to get over…but let us have some fun.”
Dizzy: “Allright lets go”
GM: OK. The name of the establishment is the Rude Elf. At the front door is something that catches Anna’s attention:
Anna: “I wonder if they usually get problems around here. That is quite a bouncer they got…”
Absail (LS): “hehe. I’d say it’sa good bouncer for a place like this. No temptations. well.. none that are connected to physical pieces.”
Niya: “If I am understanding, places like this may have trouble with sexual predation?”
GM: A pretty common sight in this part of the world, a quite obvious cyborg. The Borg’s head looks fully functional, down to the jaw. He’s got a lit cigarette in his mouth, though there’s no chance that thing is actually doing anything for him, as borgs don’t breathe through their ‘mouthes’, but instead, through filtered air intake systems. Likely the only thing left biological on this ‘borg is his brain, contained deep inside of a heavily armored head and torso assembly.
GM: He sees you. In a gruff, electronic voice, “You have got to be fucking kidding me. A kid and a faerie. Hell, lady, you look the most normal in the group…” He points to Anna. “What are you doing here at this place?”
Absail (LS): the Little girl snirks, and grins! letting Anna do the talking.
Anna: “Is having fun restricted to your look now?”
Niya: a small huff, but lets Anna talk
GM: "Depends on what you mean by fun. Don’t want her…" thumb at Niya “..forcing people to dance against their will, or turn purple, or any of that other Faerie shit they do. And there ain’t any fun that your little kid here can find in my club.”
Absail (LS): “Bwa ha ha ha!”
Niya: “I take offense! I may be a Faerie, but I do not force people to do anything! Hell, I don’t even know how the fuck to do shit like that! That is some fucking stereotyping!”
Anna: "Fun, in this case includs dancing, drinks and lots of sexy things.
GM: Borg, to Niya. “RIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.”
GM: Borg, to Anna. “Sexy things? You’ve got a Faerie and a kid in your group.” He shakes his head.
Anna: (She is no faerie, right?)
Absail (LS): “I only look like a kid ya hunk of brain armor.”
Kael (GM): You can also use /ooc as a chat command….
DenverCatgirl (Niya): She just looks like a faerie…not a Faerie
nux (Anna): Good
Anna: “And she can pick you up and handle you like a kid. But lets not make more trouble than needed.”
Absail (LS): Grins wide showing some little sharp teeth.
Kael (GM): Niya may not be a faerie, but the only thing the ‘borg knows is that she looks like one of the wee folk, and they do have a bad habit of doing silly shit like making people dance until they drop. :)
Niya: “Fine. Though, I would like to file a complaint.”
nux (Anna): Yeah. Just wanted to be sure ;)
GM: He blinks. "I’m the boss. Would you like a complaint form?" He looks at Niya dead-pan.
Niya: “Allright. I can take a hint.” flitters away
Anna: “Should we walk him down or find another place that actually want our money?”
Absail (LS): “Fuck this place. Next time you see me you’ll wish I came in here I got tits are big as YOUR FUCKING HEAD!” and walks~
GM: The borg watches the Faerie fly away. “…Well, that’s one pain gone. So, you only look like a kid, you’re sayin’? Fine. Prove it. Convince me you are old enough to enter my bar. And even better. Convince me you won’t create a ruckus. Only guys who would be attracted to you would be pedos. And I hate pedos.”
GM: Cancel that. He shrugs. “Bye.”
Absail (LS): mutters “i love pedos.. they scream loudest.” giggle
GM: (He never did say that, so that was said in an alternate universe. :3 Mwahaha)
Anna looks at the two leaving and then back at the borg with a evil eye.
Dizzy: [TOWER] [ATTRIBUTE] IQ (15):[ Success! ] by 1 [3d6 = 14]
Anna: [TOWER] [SKILL] Intimidation (18):[ Success! ] by 9 [3d6 = 9]
Anna then walks after the two.
Absail (LS): (hehe )
GM: OK. That was a bust…
nux (Anna): She do behave like a kid though :D
→ Dizzy: Common Sense: You have a creature that looks like a mischief maker, and a creature that looks like a liittle girl in the party. You might want to have someone speaking for the party to do a much better job at soothing bouncers.
Anna: “Ok. Maybe trying sex clubs with the group isn’t going to work so well… We should be able to get into a normal club though.” she says when they gather up.
GM: (Dizzy seems to be AFK…)
Absail (LS): "Gyuh! fff
… fucking hell. We aren’t going to get into any of these places with ME, huh.."
Balasteer (Absail (LS)): that’s one thing that makes her so fun. not so serious~
GM: (Lols)
Niya: eventually flitters back, after cooling down and alnds on Anna.
Anna: “Well. In his defens. It wouldn’t look to good with a ‘child’ running around in his club, especially if it did ‘mature’ activites…”
Absail (LS): “Fine… maybe I… maybe she can loosen up a little this evening.” the Little girl looks angry, walks to a convienient wall, places hand on it, a mirror-liek surface spreading from the point. and she walks through.
Absail (MB): and a moment later the one horn pokes out first followed by the mature upper torso of the ‘Main Bit-er.. Body’, she steps through and stands tall. wearing her ‘normal’ outfit of white with small verticle pinstripes. plus some metal hardware built in there.
Anna: looks after LS, then at Dizzy, who has her tongue lolling out of her mouth, drooling like a brain dead, and then at Niya.
Anna: “Well. That almost killed the mood…”
Niya: “I thought about changing vessels, but I need to keep…” sees Absail not LS “…I guess I am going to be the odd one. Well, that is fine. I may just look for a library. I can find you guys if need be.”
Anna: “Nah. We’ll find an establishment that fits us all.”
Niya: “Okay.”
Absail (MB): “i’ll be back…” and the tall mature woman walks back around the corner to teh entrance of teh stripclub. “Told you my tits are as big as your fucking head!” she then spins on her heels, pulling as about-face and walks back to teh rest.
Dizzy: [SKILL] Carousing (24):[ Success! ] by 9 [3d6 = 15]
Dizzy: To find a different club
Dizzy: ((though prehaps another day, it’s about dinnertime here))
GM: Dizzy can point you towards another club. She points out, “Niya, you are close enough to a Pixie or Silverbell for the uninitiated to mistake you for one of them. They are tricksters, so…you will be mistaken as a troublemaker. Someone here needs to clear that up real quick, or this will be repetitive.”
GM: She also points out that Absail was creating a uniquely bad situation. “You looked like a kid. So, even as an adult, you get treated like a kid. Not sure how well that would work out.”
Absail (MB): Absail does not respond much to it now.
Niya: “I think the only way I can do that…I have to switch vessels…which would draw problems. I shouldl have done more research about these silver bells.”
GM: Dizzy finds another club. A fetishy dance-club, but sadly off-premesis. She says she will head to something much more direct. The nightclub has a cyberpunk vibe to it.
Dizzy: (nice music)
‘Dizzy’ disconnected
nux (Anna): If people arn’t super motivated, then I could go to bed instead, and I am sure you people has other things to do too.
Absail (MB): and to the person up front. “Firstly.. this isn’t a Faery. Have a mage check it out.”
Niya: just stays on Anna, lookig at the bouncer, if there is one.
Anna: “As she said. Not a faerie. Just looks similar, so no trouble…”
GM: The bouncer is a lighter borg. You might be right about keeping bad behavior in check. She looks at Niya. “Ok. Hang on while I send someone over to check you out.”
GM: A few seconds go by, and then someone comes out. A person in full robes exits the club. He looks at the borg, who points at Niya. He then turns to look at Niya carefully.
Absail (MB): Absail stands with hands on hips looking down at the Mage
Niya: does not move and let’s the person examin
GM: “Unfamiliar with the species. Features common to multiple species of Fae on the surface, but no magickal signature, so…not a Faerie. Doesn’t mean she won’t be a troublemaker, but doesn’t mean she will be either. Just explain the rules and let them be.”
Anna makes a thumbs up at the mage.
Niya: smiles at the mage “Thank you.”
nux (Anna): No comment about Absail? xD
GM: (Absail changed vessels. She looks like she belongs here.)
Absail (MB): Rolls eyes. biting her tongue for the moment.
GM: (The Doctor or the Main was a much better choice for this than the Little Girl)
Balasteer (Absail (MB)): :P
nux (Anna): Really? Belongs here? I know there are fantasy creatures, but still. :p
‘Dizzy’ connected
GM: The borg turns to you. “No fighting. Fucking is in your own house. Have fun, as long as your having fun doesn’t mean other people can’t have fun. Don’t be a dick. If you are, I have to throw you out, and I don’t like being made to throw people out. If I have to, I make things painful for you. So, please, don’t. Then I won’t have to. Enjoy.”
Niya: “Thank you. I will resepct your rules/”
Anna: is about to say something not so smart, but closes her mouth again.
Anna is about to say something not so smart, but closes her mouth again.
Absail (MB): “Yes yes.” strolls in.
Anna: “Fair enough.”
Anna: “I wonder if he knows I have a dick for him.” she whispers to the other two.
Niya: tiny smirk
GM: As you enter the club, it’s dark and gothy inside, with red lights. The previous song ends, and a new song begins.
Balasteer (Absail (MB)): (funny enough.. even thought the song does sound provacative, and does have some english provacative bits. it’s pretty innocent french. X3
Absail: [TOWER] [ATTRIBUTE] IQ (15):[ Success! ] by 7 [3d6 = 8]
Niya: [TOWER] [ATTRIBUTE] IQ (16):[ Success! ] by 4 [3d6 = 12]
Anna: “Alright. Lets gets some drinks, and then hit the dance floor.”
Anna: [TOWER] [ATTRIBUTE] IQ (13):[ Success! ] by 0 [3d6 = 13]
Whisper recipient not found.
Usage: /w GM [message]
Usage: /w [recipient] [message]
> Absail (MB): You recognize this song. You heard it on Pioneer City. It’s their song. Looks like Lazlo and Pioneer have been trading already.
Niya: stays with Anna and the group and may just settle at the bar and drink
Absail (MB): Absail sighs, places a hand on Anna’s shoulder, patting. “that really annoyed me… It’s just hard to relax while I’m… like this. I’ll try though.”
Anna: “Hmm? Like what?”
Absail (MB): “in my own skin.”
Anna: “Really? Then we need to do something about that!”
GM: As you get into the club, you see a wide variety of people. Elves, humans, and dwarves, and rarer stuff. You see augmented people (‘borgs of various types), as well as as two Phaeton Juicers dancing. The mix is roughly equal in terms of genders. There are many couples a few triads, and a large number of individuals on the dance floor.
Niya: “This is nice.”
Absail (MB): “I wish you luck.” to Anna.
Anna (to Absail): "Drinks doesn’t really work on you, right?"
Absail (MB): “they do.”
Absail (MB): “it just takes substantially more. of course.”
Anna: “Ok, so a really strong drink, then we dance.” she says and drags Absail over to the bar.
Niya: is heading to the bar with them and orders a strong screw-driver.
Absail (MB): Follows along. “can’t believe I convinced myself to leave what I was doing for this. at least it’s not like I’m leaving it to not get done.”
Absail (MB): “Little Sister is handling it.”
Anna: “Can I have two 32 cl PiƱa Coladas please.”
Absail (MB): “Pina Coladas are so sweet. the alcohol content is drowned out by all of it.”
Absail (MB): “I’m not fond of a lot of sweet.”
GM: The bartender, a scantily clad elf with a quite disinterested look on her face, looks up. “One Screwdriver, a Pina Colada…and a dissention in the ranks?”
Anna: “You prefer when it taste alcohol?”
Absail (MB): “technically alcohol has no taste. Black Russian. heavy on the vodka.”
Niya: “Yes, at least me and the screwdriver.”
Anna: “Yeah, yeah.”
GM: “Black Russian. It will be out shortly.”
Absail (MB): “if I make a white russian I like to spoil the cream first.”
GM: OK…drinks are coming. What are you doing?
Absail (MB): (black russian. Coffee Liquor, Vodka, Ice. :3 )
Niya: sitting at the bar and watching the people dance
Absail (MB): Absail turns and leans back against the bar, looking out at the crowd of warm dancing people. “wonder if there is a way to request songs.”
GM: Hah. Warm people. That’s funny. ;3 The club is actually filled with lots of rather dark people. People in cyberwear and fetishwear. There is an elf in ethereal looking cloth, but even that is fetish-wear, most likely -
diaphanous sheets over a thong-back leotard.
Anna: will down her drink and make sure Absail does the same, and then drag her to the dance floor, indicating that Niya can follow.
Anna will down her drink and make sure Absail does the same, and then drag her to the dance floor, indicating that Niya can follow.
Niya: probably will, but will stay on Anna. Don’t want to be stepped on….
Anna: “Now, try to clear your mind of plans and work and let your body flow with the music.” she says and starts to dance to the music with the rest of the crowd.
Absail (MB): Absail probably fits in rather well.. or sticks out like a sore thumb. whith all teh white she wears, accented with black metal. and the look on her face.
Absail (MB): “it’s not as easy as you may think.”
GM: Most people give Niya a bit of a berth, watching her carefully. That gives you a bit of a clearing on the dance floor.
Absail (MB): She dances though! following Anna’s lead.
Anna: “I am sure. But try. You might like it.” she says with a smile.
Niya: begins dancing a bit, trying to mimic what she saw others doing
nux (Anna): I don’t dare to roll. It will just fail xD
Niya: [ATTRIBUTE] IQ (16):[ Success! ] by 8 [3d6 = 8]
Niya: Default on Dancing
nux (Anna): DX
Balasteer (Absail (MB)): oh what is the default for dancing?
Niya: [ATTRIBUTE] DX (15):[ Success! ] by 5 [3d6 = 10]
Absail: [ATTRIBUTE] DX (14):[ Success! ] by 4 [3d6 = 10]
nux (Anna): DX-5
GM: – The music playing right now is pretty close to this.
GM: (DX-5, yeah)
Anna: [SKILL] Dancing (14):[ Success! ] by 2 [3d6 = 12]
Absail (MB): (well. it’s no critical fail..)
Niya: 15-5 = 10
Balasteer (Absail (MB)): ( try this one on. )
Balasteer (Absail (MB)): (more clubby. imo. dancable. >.> )
GM: Niya…manages to look half-way competent dancing while fluttering over the field. Absail, you look pretty bad…and Anna only manages to avoid being stepped on with moving her feet.
GM: (That’s not quite cyberpunk. :P )
Anna: [SKILL] Teaching (16):[ Success! ] by 8 [3d6 = 8]
Balasteer (Absail (MB)): (well screw this club, too. :P )
GM: – Sounds a bit better.
nux (Anna): Id say you get a +4 to dance to club music xD
DenverCatgirl (Niya): sounds good to me this one
nux (Anna): I liked the first one, Noir Nights.
GM: I’d not give much of a bonus. There’s no real risks to failure (you embarras yourself, possibly, at most), and no real rewards for success)
Absail (MB): (indeed. i liked the Noir Nights, too. )
GM: Basically, Absail is shuffling. Anna actually is making moves in tune to the music. People watch Anna more than they watch Absail.
DenverCatgirl (Niya): The Noir one was cool too
GM: It’s not like she critically failed and faceplanted into someone’s crotch or anything. ;)
Balasteer (Absail (MB)): (that one I can move to~ )
GM: (This one sounds good too:
nux (Anna): I know. Its just like comparing Club dancing to tango. Like driving on a parking lot vs a busy main street :D
Balasteer (Absail (MB)): (the deus ex soundtrack I can’t even play that game to. X3 )
Absail (MB): Trying to ‘dance’ she looks down at Anna, looks around at everyine paying far more attention to the girl a couple feet shorter than her.
GM: Lols. Everyone’s a critic. Well, music does shift. The Macrossians music, especially Sharon Apple’s, is mixed in. They seem to like the idea of the Virtual Idol. At least they don’t know the full story…
Absail (MB) Feels very out of place…
Niya dancing normally
Anna: [SKILL] Carousing (15):[ Success! ] by 1 [3d6 = 14]
Absail (MB): and makes her way off the dance floor again… looking around for someone more her own class.. if such a thing may exist in this sort of palce.
Absail: [SKILL] Savoir-Faire (High Society) (15):[ Success! ] by 1 [3d6 = 14]
GM: Anna, what was that roll for.
nux (Anna): I am not sure actually xD Sorry…
GM: Absail. An odd place to use a High-Society Skill. Your trained eye can tell the difference between the various classes of people here. Anna, you notice Absail leaving….
Anna sighs as Absail walks off. Starts to focus on the music and lets if flow through her, but will also start to move in a more sexy way, hopefully getting some attention.
Absail (MB): She looks over the crowd, orders another drink.
Anna: [SKILL] Sex Appeal (Human) (15):[ Success! ] by 4 [3d6 = 11]
nux (Anna): Or would that go into tower?
GM: Yeah, it’s generally best to put most rolls in the tower, honestly.
Anna: [TOWER] [SKILL] Sex Appeal (Human) (15):[ Success! ] by 5 [3d6 = 10]
GM: Absail, what’s your status? I am having serious problems with my PC.
Absail (MB): Absail at bar, ordered another black russian. and she sits just to enjoy the scene. not feeling comfortable in the middle of the masses.

Vampire Smashing
What happens when the other side rolls an 18?

The PCs encountered and defeated a team of enemy vampires, in a way that could only be described as a turkey shoot.

The Enemy Forces

There were a total of 24 enemies. They were comprised of:

  • 12 Vampire Skirmishers armed with FN-P90s.
  • 8 Vampire Riflemen armed with FN MOD 1 Rifles.
  • 4 Vampire Heavies armed with FN MINIMIs.

The Heroes

  • Dizzy.
  • Aqua
  • Absail
  • Niya
  • Fiona
  • Anna

The Battle Plan

It was expected that the battle would be an extended fight against the vampires, trying to deny them and keep them from being able to fight effectively. Dizzy remembered they were afraid of fire in more than one sense, so the plan was to combine efforts and destroy the vampires piecemeal, using fire to channel them into the kill-zones. Aqua was the main architect of the plan, but Anna and Dizzy assisted in the planning. In the end, they came up with a respectable plan.

Plans never survive contact with the enemy. Poor vampires…

When the heroes arrived on the scene, the action had already begun. The vampires got way, way overconfident, and were pressing the attack….with all their elements. Rather than being spread out, they were concentrated. That made an attack possible that should not be possible. Aqua caught all but two vampires in a gravity attack, and then Absail lit them up with a fire attack. And then Dizzy blew up the vampires with a pound of FAE, All but 2 died in that massive attack. The remaining 2 were burned to a crisp by Dizzy, and winged by Anna, leaving only one to escape and presumably report back.


One escaped. All others were killed.


  • 1 FN-P90 in perfect condition.
  • 2 FN-P90s in damaged condition.
  • 4 FN-MOD1s in damaged condition.
  • 1 FN-MINIMIs in damaged condition.


  • 30 5.7×28mm APDSDN ammo (consumed in the fireball.)
  • 240 5.56×45mm APDSDN ammo (Most consumed in the fireball).
Shopping Trip!!!


PCs went and experienced a city on Rifts Earth. And the experience led, as it’s typical to on Rifts Earth, to a massive weapon store, filled with giant robots, airplanes, missiles, handguns, and a variety of other gear!



She got a Wilks 320 Laser Pistol. This old classic is a beautiful firearm, well balanced and incredibly accurate. The specs are as given:

TL10, Wilks 320, Damage 3d-1 bu (2), Acc 6, Range 240/720, Weight 1.5/1B, RoF: 10, Shots 80, MinST: 4, Bulk -2, Recoil 1, Cost 7250, LC3.


Niya has procured a Wilks 210 ’Pocket Laser". This is a tiny handheld beam weapon that is rechargeable. It can burn its entire power charge in a single second, but a flip of a switch turns it into a 10 shot weapon. Here are its specs:

TL10, Wilks 210, Damage 2d (2) bu, Acc 6, Range 37/111, Weight 0.5/A, RoF: 10, Shots 10, MinST 2, Bulk -1, Recoil 1, Cost 495, LC 3.


Absail picked up a missile launcher. Actually, 4 missile launchers in a backpack. Nasty surprise for anyone that gets in her way, as each 150mm missile would do extensive damage to anything hit by it.

TL10, WI-40M 150mm TLS, Acc 3, Range 3000,15000, Weight 70/50, RoF: 1, Shots 1(20), ST B, Bulk -8, Recoil 1, Cost 19,200+800, LC1
Her actual loadout:

  • APHC: 6d*50 (2) pi++, Cost 20800 × 2
  • HEMP: 6d*15 (10) cr inc + linked 8d*3 cr ex [7d] Cost 20800 × 2
Finding Eva (part 1)
Rescuing Braddocks Bad Boys

It is decided! Against the better judgment of the ex-time cop, everyone is gearing up for a trip….into time!!!

The first issue to address is the death of Colonel Braddock and the disillusion of his Merc outfit, the Bad Boys. Dizzy has opted for a bit of an advanced insertion so your team can drop in to save the day.

The Bar at the End of Time
Where are We Up To Now

The Beginning

Heroes from across time and space have begun to find their way to this world, a 1960s era bar on the ends of time and space. Initially, they have no idea why they end here. But as they begin settling in, they realize, it’s for several purposes. To find love. To start families. To connect with other people across time and space. And eventually, to make a difference.


The Heroes first challenge was found in a universe where Earth was invaded by alien occupiers from another world. The Heroes joined forces to evict the interlopers, and destroyed them in single combat, using their powerful psychic abilities. Two of them are still left, in the Infinite Worlds…

The First Strike

One of their number decided to return to her home universe. No longer willing to adventure, she wanted to settle down once and for all. This was the perfect opportunity for forces aligned against her to strike. An obvious alteration in the flow of time, Eva Sebhest, new aspect of Isis the Egyptian Goddess, was struck from the flow of history, to be replaced with, perhaps, what might have been had she never met her lover. The result has fundamentally changed both people. In Eva’s place is Isis, weakened from her ordeal at Set’s hands, but once again among her fellow gods and goddesses. Is this the new normal? Time will tell.

The Discovery of what Eli became

Eli is gone. In Eli’s place is the broken down shell of a man known only by his designation, Alpha One. Alpha One’s psyche has been damaged multiple ways. First was the destruction of his homeworld. Second was the death of his family. For his entire adult life, his only goal was to take as many of the bastards that did this to him and his family with him, until eventually, he would pass on to the Great Path, once again to be reunited with his family, and his sister in particular. But this was not meant to be. He was not ready for that journey, according to powerful guardians of order who identify to humans as ‘Vishnans’, the Protectors, in opposition to the Shivans, who are the Destroyers. He was told that his fate had not yet been settled, and now, he would join other heroes at the End of Time, perhaps to be set right. Will Alpha One have the peace Eli once had? Or is his fate to be different?

The Finding of Jaime Moser

Alpha One learned that his sister had not rejoined the Universe as he thought she had. Instead, she has been reincarnated as the Starfleet Admiral Jaime Moser. Her life has been far kinder to her — foster parents that raised her as their own, a loving household, friends so close they might as well be family as well, and a place to be and a role to fill. Jaime lives the Star Trek life, and while she appreciates that she now has a brother, it still worries her that he appeared on her bridge, without any announcement.

A new campaign begins.
Starting the game

Welcome to the beginning of the campaign…


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