A young woman with pink hair, a confident look and often seen in a business suit.


When you see Anna you see a young woman, about mid twenties, that has an air of being determination and confidence. She is often seen in suits and can easily be taken for a climbing ,and successful, business woman. But don’t let the looks deceive you. She is a first class assassin, and leader for a whole company of assassins and ‘fixers’. She is most skilled with knifes and guns, but also have other aces up her slevs, some that most would call magic.


Anna has had quite a rough start in life. At young age she lost her family and ended up as assassin apprentice. When she turned 17 disaster struck again and she was misplaced in a magical world where she fought and learned for many years before she successfully ported herself back her own world, or that she though.
She has lost much, but also gained something anew, and lost that too. So turned quite cynical with time, but also has a soft spot that can be hard to find. She is now 59, using magic and cybernetics to stay young and powerful, staking out her place in this new sci-fi world she inhabits.


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