Bar at the End of Time

Shopping Trip!!!


PCs went and experienced a city on Rifts Earth. And the experience led, as it’s typical to on Rifts Earth, to a massive weapon store, filled with giant robots, airplanes, missiles, handguns, and a variety of other gear!



She got a Wilks 320 Laser Pistol. This old classic is a beautiful firearm, well balanced and incredibly accurate. The specs are as given:

TL10, Wilks 320, Damage 3d-1 bu (2), Acc 6, Range 240/720, Weight 1.5/1B, RoF: 10, Shots 80, MinST: 4, Bulk -2, Recoil 1, Cost 7250, LC3.


Niya has procured a Wilks 210 ’Pocket Laser". This is a tiny handheld beam weapon that is rechargeable. It can burn its entire power charge in a single second, but a flip of a switch turns it into a 10 shot weapon. Here are its specs:

TL10, Wilks 210, Damage 2d (2) bu, Acc 6, Range 37/111, Weight 0.5/A, RoF: 10, Shots 10, MinST 2, Bulk -1, Recoil 1, Cost 495, LC 3.


Absail picked up a missile launcher. Actually, 4 missile launchers in a backpack. Nasty surprise for anyone that gets in her way, as each 150mm missile would do extensive damage to anything hit by it.

TL10, WI-40M 150mm TLS, Acc 3, Range 3000,15000, Weight 70/50, RoF: 1, Shots 1(20), ST B, Bulk -8, Recoil 1, Cost 19,200+800, LC1
Her actual loadout:

  • APHC: 6d*50 (2) pi++, Cost 20800 × 2
  • HEMP: 6d*15 (10) cr inc + linked 8d*3 cr ex [7d] Cost 20800 × 2


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