Utu, God of the Dead


And so it did come to pass, that in the aftermath of the Great Battle, the Priests of Darkness gathered their slain comrades, and those prisoners destined to be the fodder used by the priests to raise the dead.

The rites were spoken. The fires lit. The implements prepared.And all was in readiness when Cardinal Humentop, she who was Voice of Anubis, came to preside. All waited for her assent, and when she nodded, all the screams of those given to Set were like a chorus, so fine was the timing. “Acba Anubus,” spoke Humentop, “let our fine warriors serve again.”

But the dead did not rise.

Four times more the ritual of resurrection was attempted, and four times did it fail, though in the final attempt even some Priests of Darkness were given to the gods. Shaking with anger, Humentop called for the mages, and they were awakened from their slumber, or interrupted in their meditations, and all were brought in front of Humentop. Although there was much argument and pointing of fingers, none knew why the dead had not risen. Finally, a nameless Summoner offered a suggestion. He described a knowledgeable entity
that might be able to provide an answer. “Summon it,” said Humentop. And so it was done.

When the entity was brought forth and questioned, it answered with a laugh. “Why do you laugh,” asked the nameless Summoner? “I laugh because I am now and forever free, because you have asked me a question I cannot answer, even though I be one of the knowing ones.”

Then, before it could be dismissed, Humentop asked a question. “Who would be able to answer?” The Summoner shook with fear, for asking that question of one such a he who stood before them, unbound, is the same as swallowing broken glass. But to his surprise the entity gave an answer.

“Call on Utu,” it said, laughing all the more. “I can wish nothing better on you than a conversation with Utu, Lord of the Dead,” and then it vanished in a burning light.
“Call Utu,” said Humentop. But the nameless Summoner refused-.

Then something appeared amidst them, cloaked in black, holding a great scythe. It was Utu, come to flesh. Humentop remembered that she was Voice of Anubus, and addressed Utu as if they were equals, and asked why the dead had not risen.

“They will not rise if I hold their souls.”

“Their souls belong to Anubis! It is Anubis we call upon, not you, not a shade of a god.”

“It is my charge,” said Utu, “to usher the souls from this world to where they would go. There is no clock, no calendar that tells me how long I might keep the souls, nor how quickly I might send them on their way. Anubis cannot release what Anubis has not received.”

“That is not the whole truth. I know I have revived the recent dead, whose souls had not yet reached Anubis.”

Utu nodded and said, “It is my privilege to let those souls in my keeping return to their bodies. Indeed, I have been known to delay a soul for just that purpose.”

“Then why do you not release them? Why do you stand in our way?”

Utu pointed at the pile of discarded sacrifices with the blunt end of his scythe, so that a single body flinched.

“This was my good and faithful servant, who each night supped his ale in my name. He was not of your foe. He has died before his time.”

“If we resurrect him, will you release the souls?”

“Do you, who calls yourself Voice of Anubis, offer to bargain with me, as one god to another?”


“Very well. I give you two choices. First, I can depart, and your church will go without the rite of resurrection for the span of Humentop’s life. Second, you give Humentop’s body as host
to the soul of my good and faithful servant, and your Humentop’s soul will be mine. Then, and only then will the dead rise once again. What do you choose?

Overview of Utu’s Role in this event

Utu is a God of Death, and therefore knows about the other Death, and may offer answers for you. Finding him will be hard, but it is possible to search for his symbol the Scythe, and maybe make contact with him.; However, it’s dangerous in that you may instead stumble across the OTHER Death’s worshippers.

Utu, God of the Dead

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